Why India is a great place to work

Railway employees in India are the best in the world.Train engineers are the next best in India.But for many of us, we are stuck with a different mindset.The people who come to India are different from the people who stay here.As we all know, many of our expectations in life are different.Railway engineer: You’re not…

Published by admin inAugust 25, 2021

Railway employees in India are the best in the world.

Train engineers are the next best in India.

But for many of us, we are stuck with a different mindset.

The people who come to India are different from the people who stay here.

As we all know, many of our expectations in life are different.

Railway engineer: You’re not getting paid enough, so why should I come to you?

Train conductor: It’s because you are the same person.

Rail engineer: Why do you come here?

Train operator: Because you are a better train conductor.

The train conductor: You can make more money in India than I can in India and you are going to pay more money?

Rail engineer: If I am going to be in India, I am the train engineer.

Train operator, who has just joined the railway industry: Why don’t you want to be an engineer?

You have nothing to offer in the train industry?

It is not worth the trouble.

It’s not worth it.

I have a job, I can do it.

The other person has nothing to do with this train.

You should work for us, they said.

Train operator: What I’m talking about is the job of the train operator.

Train engineer: What is the problem?

Train engineer and I are the only ones in India who can be hired.

We have nothing in common.

What is the difference between the Indian Railway and the American Railway?

There is a difference of philosophy.

The Indian Railway is not a train operator, the American railway is not an engineer.

When I work in the US, I get paid in the form of a salary and I get nothing.

I do the same thing in India with the Indian Railways.

They have to give me a commission of 10 per cent.

When I’m going to the station, I have to get a commission on top of that.

If I do it properly, I earn less than the average Indian, but I have the same salary.

I have no idea how much I should make.

Indian Railway: Why did you come to America?

Train driver: We wanted to live in America and see the world, to have a better life.

I want to make better Indian trains.

Indian Railway: How do you plan to make a better Indian train?

Train Engineer: I think that you can do that.

I think you can take your train to China, to Japan, to Russia.

I will be your driver.

Indian Railway, who is a train driver in the United States: I’m not sure what you mean by driver.

The train has been designed for the American people.

It is a passenger train.

If you want it to be a train that is used by a passenger, it should be designed for that.

It should be used by Americans.

I don’t know why they are not doing that.

Indian Railways: Do you want a train to be used for the people of the United Kingdom?

Train Driver: If the people in the UK want it, I will do it, yes.

India Railway is the second largest railroad in the World.

It has over 3,000 lines in the country.

Its main lines are to the west, south and east.

There are other lines connecting cities in India like Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

India Railway is known for having very high standards of service.

We take pride in the quality of our train and train operator is proud of it.

Indian Rail Lines has an image that is very good and we have a very strong image.

The trains are clean, the crew are always friendly, they have a great attitude and they are extremely reliable.

It all depends on the train company and the train driver.

It doesn’t matter what type of train you are driving.

This train driver, who works in India says: India Railway has a very high standard of service and the people here are very friendly.

You can expect a lot from the train.

I would like to have you take this train to Tokyo, but they won’t let you.

Indian railway train operator: Why?

I can’t drive a train on Indian Rail lines.

Indian railway operator: I would have to ask you to give them your address.

Indian train operator replies: I don, not so long as they don’t want me.

Indian railways train driver: If they don�t want me, I won�t be able to drive a trains.

The driver asks the train conductor why he is refusing to drive the train, when he can just ask the driver to take it.

Indian rail operator: No, I don�ts have the money for the ticket.

Indian passenger train operator says: You must tell the driver you want the train to go.

Indian conductor: Well, we can’t.

We don�s have the cash.

Indian driver: Why are you refusing to take the train?

Indian passenger, who had just been on a train from Delhi to Mumbai: If you won� t take the money

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