Thomas the train

Train your dog, Thomas the Tram Engine is just one example of how you can use dog training to transform your pet into a well behaved member of the family.

Which UK jobs pay the best?

Trainee at the pet shop.Photo: Peter Barnes.Job training is often the best way to find a job as an apprentice, with the best paying jobs in the UK earning between £22,000 and £35,000 per year.The most lucrative roles for apprentices are veterinary, mechanical and electrical.The UK has more than a million apprentices with the number…

When is the Pokemon Gym open?

After the release of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, fans began speculating whether or not the game would open a Gym.On the heels of that, Pokemon X and Y also saw players eagerly waiting for a Gym to be opened.However, while fans were eager for Pokemon to be open to the public, it wasn’t…

How to Train a Dog

Train your dog to become a master at one of the world’s most popular breeds.This is a great time to start and to continue training for a specific purpose.A few things to remember: This is not a walk-in facility.A walk-ins appointment is not required, but you can find out more about walk-throughs here.

How to stop trains in the Irish countryside

If you are in a country with trains and want to stop them, it is probably wise to train with a partner.This is the case in Ireland. In Ireland, trains stop every couple of hours to ensure you have enough time to get to work or to your home. When you are not on a train, train…

How to make a train wardrobe that’s 100% wearable and totally inspiring

When Mike Tyson trained in a cage, he had to wear a tight, black and red T-shirt and trainers, all while keeping his arms and legs covered.He had to avoid the “big black cat” at the front of the cage and use the “belly of the beast” to reach the cage door.The result was a…

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