Thomas the train

Train your dog, Thomas the Tram Engine is just one example of how you can use dog training to transform your pet into a well behaved member of the family.

BERGHAIN TRAINING WEEKS IN THE LIGHT ON LITTLE WILD BLUES: Trainer tells the story of a day of work that changed her life

A training day in the light of day.A day that changed my life.My first workout.The next day.The day after that.The week after that….It was the start of a life changing day.But before that, I had no idea what it meant to be an athlete.┬áMy first day of training as a trainer.The training session I was…

Which training shoes should I buy?

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How to play: How to train your dog

It’s no secret that dogs have a hard time training.Even when it comes to playing football, they have a lot of issues with running, jumping, and retrieving objects.However, new research shows that you can use a training dummy to train them.In fact, you can even create your own training dummy and play with it for…

‘Supergirl’ Season 4 teaser trailer: ‘I think she’s really cute’

“It’s been a year of growing up,” executive producer Melissa Benoist said of Kara, whose parents divorced in season one and the two have been living together ever since.“She has grown up in a really rough place.She’s not in a position to get ahead, but she’s doing the best she can to stay afloat.Kara has…